Thursday, 6 June 2013

Soybeans-Meat from the Fields

Spicy Soybean Bun Kebab/Burger

 During the course of studies; Health Nutrition and Lifestyle , one of the components focused on plant based food. It required us to create recipes and that can replace meat from a meal. Given the relatively high protein content of Soybeans and the research on these as one of the important non meat protein they are historically called "meat of the field" or "meat without bones”.

Soybeans are officially recognized for cholesterol-lowering effects and  a health claim stating that 25 grams of soy protein per day may reduce the risk of heart disease. 1 cup 180 gms of cooked boiled soya beans have 10.5gms of fibre, 300Cal, and 28.6gms of protein. Besides they are great source of Vitamin C, Thiamin, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Manganese.

American Heart Association has recognized soy foods' role in an overall heart-healthy diet. Recent research suggests that  soy foods lower the risk of certain cancers including prostate cancer, colon and breast cancers as well as osteoporosis and other bone health problems.

For Rs.80/= per KG, soybeans are cheaper as compared to many regularly used lentils and legumes. I have created and cooked several dishes that are soybeans based.

 Here  goes two of delicious and healthy recipes of soy based food:

1-Green and Lean Soybeans and Spinach

2- Soy burger/bun kebab

Sauted Soybeans and Spinach

1-Green and Lean Soybeans and Spinach


-       1Kg Spinach
-       1 cup soybeans

-       1 tbsp olive oil
-       1 big onion chopped
-       2 tsp garlic paste
-       1 tsp lemon pepper/fresh lemon juice
-       1 tsp red chilli flakes
-       1 tsp green chillies
-       1 tsp cumin power
-       1 tsp coarsly ground mustard seeds
-       5-6 chopped green chillies

Garnish (optional)

-       1 full garlic pod chopped and toasted in over or golden fried
-       4-5 whole red chillies (talhar mirch) fried


-       soak the soybeans overnight and then pressure cook with a bit of salt until tender but holds its shape (al dante). Just out enough water to pressure so you don’t need to strain it.
-       In a sauting pan sauté the onions and minced garlic in olive oil until onions are transparent then add ground mustard
-       Put in all the spinach mix it with the onions and  cover the pan let it cook in its own steam or until soft.
-       Add spices now chillie flakes, green chillies, lemon pepper, cumin and the soybeans
-       Stir for 2-3 minutes and let it cook on medium heat or until the dish smells of cooked spinach. Avoid cooking spinach for long, it will loose all its nutrition 
-   Serve garnished with chillies and garlic

Soybeans Bun Kebabs:


-1 cup soybeans

-1 cup chopped spring onions
-1/4 cup chopped green coriander
-5-6 chopped green chillies 
-coarsely chopped garli
-1 tsp red chillie flakes
-2 tsp anar dana (dried pomegranate seeds
-1 tsp cumin powder
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- a binding agent baison/ 1 egg
-1/2 cup bread crumbs

For the Bun Kebabs:

- Whole wheat /regular buns
-Chillie garlic sauce/home made tomato sauce
-Green chutney
- Sliced Onion
- sliced cucumber

Cooking Instructions:

-       soak the soybeans overnight and then pressure cook with a bit of salt until very soft and tender almost mushy
-       Mash or run it through food processor, keep it a bit coarse,
-       Add rest of the ingredients excluding the oil and bread crumbs
-       mix it well with hands and make shape into medium sized patty’
-       Coat with bread crumbs
-       On a flat skillet using the oil or any oil spray pan sear the patties on both sides until brown
-       On the same pan toast the split buns add a bit more oil if required
-       Put sauce on the buns, the patty and then garish with sliced onions and cucumber.

These makes great office or school lunches, it stays in stomach for long, very healthy and nutrient dense.