Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Hunk of a Meat Called Rib-Eye Steaks

My hunter and BBQ expert brother, finally agreed to share his secret of that perfect BBQ Rib Eye steak and teach me how to cook it. 

I have never tasted anything like this anywhere around the world but in his subarban Longisland home in NY.  Besides his love and affection the steaks from his grill carries his culinary expertise and a command over the art of meat grilling. Learning to cook that magnificent rib-eye steak with him was a totally epicurean experience.

The Rib-Eye is cut from the top of the rib primal of a cow, precisely from rib 6 through 12. It is the Prime Rib, meaning from prime grade beef with which we were playing at this cooking adventour. 


Cut into exactly 1 and 1/2  inch thickness, the excellent marbling of fat brought the signature flavour and juicy taste of the Prime Rib-Eye and remained tender all through cooking.  No need to spoil it with spices but freshly grounded sea salt and black pepper is all that is needed to bring out the flavours. Yes seriously this was all that we rubbed on before tossing it in the griller beginning at 550F going all the way to 700F for 20 minutes that is it.

Half way turn it and basted with good quality butter,  bro said that ribeye steak is best grilled up to medium , and never beyond medium well.

 Trust me the final product 20 minutes later on plate literally melted at every bite in my mouth,  can be carved with even blunt most steak knives,  all crusty, buttery from outside and succulent, juicy inside.