Thursday, 12 April 2012

“World’s Best Cinnamon Roll”

It is not uncommon to drool over the whiff of cinnamon mixed aroma of hot buttery Cinnabons, as one strolls in the Malls or rush to catch trains at Subways around US. This American chain, famous as a brand that operates in malls has been an straight hit with Karachiites since it is opened in Dolmen Mall-Clifton earlier this year. Many witnessed the non ending lines and hundreds of people outside the Cinnabon kiosk.
 Talking at a bloggers meet to Yasir Khawaja, the very friendly and pleasant owner of this franchise shared his passion to bring something different to Pakistani food scene as his starting point to venture into bringing Cinnabon in Lahore two years back as a bakery café. Now a Cinnabon in Clifton and another one inaugurated in Atrium Mall on 11th April. Educated in US, with business experience in Dubai , UK and South Africa, Yasir is very particular about maintaining quality, he provided extensive training of each of his staff to roll, bake, manage and serve at these Cinnabon kiosks. 
Rich and Greg Komen’s mission was to pioneer the “world’s best cinnamon roll.” To accomplish this, they hired a local food connoisseur, Jerilyn Brusseau. After many months, hundreds of kitchen experiments, and numerous trips to Indonesia to find the best, most flavorful most flavorful cinnamon. After perfecting their Cinnabon recipe, they opened the first Cinnabon bakery on Dec. 4, 1985 at Sea Tac Mall in Seattle, WA. Yassir Khawaja with the same passion and vision of providing the best cinnamon rolls to us here in Pakistan opened these Cinnabon kisoks and plans on opening them in almost every mall around Pakistan. To provide this world class desert, and to bring the same taste, he imports all the ingredients from US and or Dubai. The staff are all trained from the Cinnabon experts from USA and constantly strive to maintain the taste and  texture as per international Cinnabon standards. 

Zara the brand manager showed us around and served these mouth watering treats with a delcious huge tumbler of Latte’, the ideal companion to an aromatic, sweet and nutty frost topped cinnamon roll and cinnamon sticks. There is a full range of Latte, Cuppacino and Coffee on the menu, the size of their hot beverages are larger then most café and fast food outlets. The kiosk style outlet offers the full range of Cinnabon delicacies ranging from their gooey Cinnamon rolls to their refreshing and ultra delicious Chillatas. With their second outlet in Karachi, Cinnabon Pakistan is strengthening its presence in Karachi – a city which embraced Cinnabon with open arms, long lines and a hefty appetite for the Cinnamon rolls. 
So next time when you are out to the Dolmen Mall Clifton or Atrium Mall to shop till drop or ready to watch your favourite movie, fetch a Cinnamon Roll and Latte to complete the excitement and round off a great day.

Blog write up and photographs by Farah Kamal

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