Friday, 9 January 2015

Make Ordinary Meals into Extraordinary Treats

Chatkhar Mango chutney with lovely chunk of spicy and tangy sweetness perfectly paired with spicy handi kebabs
A chatpatta appetizer, chopped tomatoes garlic chives and Chatkhar Green Chillie Pickles tossed on freshly baked dal papar

Chutneys, sauces and pickles bring enhancement and surprises to your tastebuds.
Condiments are traditionally a part of Pakistani meal tables and comes in endless varieties, colours and flavours. Most of these are prepared with fruits, vegetables, added with spices preserved with salt, sugar, oil and some kind of natural or artificial acidic medium.

Ever popular dal chawal spiked up with the Chatkhar Mixed Pickle

At a recent workshop that i facilitated, the CEO of Naurus gave us out a neat box of ‘Chatkhar’ products. These bottles and jars were bursting with flavours and colours, and non ending varieties. Hummm made it really difficult to choose from what to try out first. Yet there is one that can be paired with every meal, and spike up the taste of ordinary meals into extraordinary ones by topping, dressing, dipping, drizzling one or the other of these sauces, chutneys and pickles on food. World on Your Table is rightly claimed by Chatkhar

What works for me with Chatkhar is the usage of olive oil in their products, not sure if many local manufacturers of condiments use olive oil. The sugar content is extremely low.  However like all preserved food, it has sodium, so we need to keep salt low or omit from the main dish if using condiments that has salt.
Chicken Achar is my new discovery!! Made the paratha  achar very special

These are high end products given the use of prime quality ingredients and oil. These are locally prepared Pakistani products, giving us a wide range of products to choose from and easily available off the shelf at most super markets. I always suggest to use locally produced bottled products if we have to, at least it is not been travelling forever to reach the supermarket shelves. 

I have used some of these products in my everyday meals, specially when you have guests,  these “Chatkhar” products featured in this blog are some of the the way they appear on my meal table making simple meals into special ones.

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