Sunday, 5 April 2015

Kaiser Roll

Kaiser Roll Egg and Fresh Green Sandwich

Thin crisp and crackling crust topped with multigrain with soft and light crumb

Kaiser rolls, also referred to as New York hard rolls or Vienna rolls, are known for the classic five spooked swirling pattern on the top of the roll.  The traditional method for achieving the classic kaiser roll shape requires a series of overlapping folds. However during my recent visit to the Farmers Market at San Francisco, I got my hands at a Kaiser Roll stamp and that made it easy for me to create these beautiful rolls that are smooth even looking. With thin and crisp crust, and soft crumb– this is perfect for creating favorite sandwiches!

 classic five spooked swirling pattern

The one in this image is my Sunday Brunch today, organic eggs from my chicken coop, just flipped fried sprinkled with garlic herb salt and pepper. Topped with a stash of fresh baby Kale, Peppery Arugula, Cherry tomatoes from my Kitchen garden and flavoured with home grown and home made garlic chives and green chilli chutney.

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