Saturday, 19 March 2016

Love Nutrilov

A bunch of Nutrilov been sitting on my desk for quiet sometime, it was sent to me for tasting. These are some neatly wrapped and packaged granola bars. Hummm packaged food I am not fond of them, so well they kept sitting there.

However one busy morning, I just grabbed a pack of it in a rush while running to teach a very early morning class at University, yes no time for breakfast, and it is three hours stint, I know I cant go without food, so lets give this baby a try. Checked its label on the way; good! no artificial ingredients or preservative,  wow for 137 calories a bar it is not bad, looks like I am gonna eat it.

Munched on it during the class break and it tasted totally awesome a beautiful blend of nutty, earthy and mildly sweet flavour. The toasted oats, chocolate bits, flaked coconut totally yum, gilt free, healthy and filled me up until 3:00pm, when I got to eat my lunch well that is definitly good mileage.

I decided to do a bit of talking with the enterpreneurs who came up with this idea and of course I wanted to buy more, so were my cousins and friends since I had been bragging about it.

Madiha and her husband with therr passion for healthy food, had hard time like many of us health and fitness freaks finding nutrient rich delicious food easily. They realized that there is a huge market gap for nutrient packed healthy organic food in Pakistan. Most of us either create and cook our own healthy meals and snacks or just eat the available junk. Yes making great granola bar is a speciality with Madiha and with this perfect recipe she tarted baking them to sell, her husband very fondly named it ‘Nutrilov’ and did fabulous branding. This is mainly an online brand

I asked Madiha ‘why Nutrilove when the imported granola bars are on supermarket shelves”? I could not agree with her response, ‘most of these imported brands are laden with sugar and additives’.

 Nutrilov is a wonderful blend of rolled oats, real fruits, nuts, honey and brown sugar. Freshly baked and have good keeping quality, the pack says it is good for 20 days in refrigerator, well mine been sitting on office desk for a month and taste perfectly fresh. I tuck a pack of it in my purse all the time now, specially if I am somewhere where I don’t know when I get my next meal, like traveling, photo expeditions or on fields. Keeps me filled, gives me energy and is nutritious. Love on the go it is.

The brand got an overwhelming response and is a straight hit with whoever tried them. Each bar is priced at Rs. 100, and can be ordered online via Facebook page, also are delivered all over Pakistan. Nutrilov is also stocked at IBA campuses in Karachi, T2F, and are a regular vendor at the Karachi Farmer’s Market.

 Nutrilov is my new love!



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