Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Extracurricular activities: the way to succeed beyond the classroom

Extracurricular activities: the way to succeed beyond the classroom

Students are expected to study. But successful students are expected to be all-rounders. They manage academics and extracurricular activities equally well and the balance helps them grow into accomplished individuals. But why, you may ask? The answer is that extracurricular activities for students are not just a change from traditional classroom learning but a lesson in itself irrespective of the level of students. Be it high school students or university students, activities beyond the classroom give students the platform to practice their learning.

While young children find activities like theatre and performance attractive ways to have fun outside the classroom, older students find it extremely encouraging to flaunt their confidence. This is also true for students who otherwise feel pressured in the classroom or are unable to stand out. Extracurricular activities become the voice of these students and a way for them to be noticed among their colleagues and teachers.

The advantages of such an exposure are quite obvious. Students learn to do what they will do in real life. As adults know, most real life situations don’t involve sitting and listening to teachers for extended hours. They involve speaking, writing, performing, basically being active. And extracurricular activities give young people the opportunity to do just that.

Today, young people find solace in technology inside and outside the classroom, both. Thus, the need to promote healthy extracurricular activities has become more pressing. The merits of technology for students are well-established but they should not replace the role of physical activity or exploring their interests in students’ life. Sports and creative activities can in fact facilitate students in learning more about themselves.

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Extracurricular activities have strong ties with academics if schools and colleges develop them in a certain way and parents encourage children to be a part of them. These ties not only help in personal development but have direct links to how careers unfold. Culturally we place a lot of responsibility on young people’s shoulders to get A’s and top the class but we also need to extend our goals and advice to students to join as many extracurricular activities as they can manage so they are better adapted to the world. Instead of stressing on reproducing exact knowledge we need to make them adept at applying that knowledge in the work they do, in their daily lives and personal interactions. This will ensure we have all-rounded practical individuals as part of Pakistan’s future and not robots programmed to just know everything. 

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