Monday, 13 February 2012

SNOG-A divine combination of SNOW and YOGURT.

A Bloggers meet at Snog organised by Voila PR. Snog a frozen yogurt store at Zamama-Karachi, to be opened officially on 18th February


 Snog is a delicious frozen yogurt that lacks fat, no sugar and has hardly any calories. Snog originated in London and is now a feature in many countries around the world - Brazil, Colombia, Dubai, Kuwait and now PAKISTAN!!
Prepared with fresh dairy and flavour mixed with organic fruit puree. Served with a variety of delicious  fresh fruits, nuts, crunchs and other toppings!!!

Bloggers Amina and Saira
Voila PR invited a group of bloggers, journalist photographers and media  to introducing them to SNOG and people behind it!! It was cheerful afternoon at the SNOG store!!

Ayesha Nasir of Voila PR with Phebe Haroon of Phegency
Sara Gheewala and Katriana Anaru are the two most dynamic young ladies incharge of Snog!! 
Sara born and raised in Dublin Ireland is the young energetic and ambitious owner of the place. She is a Commerce Graduate at  University College Dublin, Ireland and is proudly presenting this healthy world class treat to Karachites !!

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These Fro-Yo are available in six different refreshing and healthy flavours

The store features a lighting plan designed by award-winning London-based design studio - Cinimod Studios. The store features cutting edge design and seasonal graphic artworks along the walls by famous illustrative artists and designers. The overall ambience of the store is fresh, healthy and fun to be in !!!


Yummmmm this is really good!!
A healthy refreshing, cool, nutty and fruity desert on the go...

Grab your favurite flavour with loads of toppings enjoy on the go or at the store!!


  1. Hey, my name;s Zainab. Can you tell me what the cups were priced at?
    Great pictures btw. Makes me want to go and grab a cup right now!

    1. Zainab, they start from 300 and up!! The cups in the pictures are all the smallest sizes but they are filling enough!!

  2. Great review and details of the place. We would like to feature this review on Kindly email us on for details on how you can do so.

  3. Is the franchise available for other cities, like islamabad?

  4. Hey Farah! Just happened to come across your blog through GFGP.. I am a blogger myself ( but I develop recipes and share on my blog.. This is a pretty good space you have created. I would like to stay in touch with you since I am new to the blooging world I donot know many Pakistani bloggers specially those in Karachi.. Can you please tell me how can I connect with Voila PR people and be part of such events in the future??