Saturday, 7 December 2013

Shake It Up

Drink and Shake- Homemade Protein Shakes

20gms of protein from whirling up all these with a milk base

Protein shakes are considered an important part of any muscle building regime, however, I always recommend people to get their proteins from natural and unprocessed sources and make protein shakes themselves at home. Drinking a glass of homemade protein shake pre and post workout is an easy way of getting 20gms of protein. A big glass of homemade protein shake is a good choice for a nutrient dense high energy breakfast on the go. Kick off your day with this energy load!

To get an easy healthy and handsome intake of protein, try experimenting whirling your own protein shakes.


select a base for your shake, 250ml of one of these:
 skimmed milk/soya milk/almond milk (average 8gms protein). 

For thicker shakes use 4oz greek yogurt (12 gms protein)  or plain yogurt (6.5 gms protein).



 A protein rich ingredient, use one of these 4oz cottage cheese (14gms protein)

Raw eggs (5.5gms of protein) or 2Tbsp Peanut butter (8gms of protein) and Ground Flax seed (for fibre and good omega fats)


  To add the micronutrient, add chopped fruits, banana, melon, berries, oranges (1-2 gms of protein average)

More Protein:

For the additional boost of protein and fibre, add 1 tablespoon, 15gms of Oatmeal (3 gms protein).

Put everything in a blender, blend in a thick smooth liquid and drink it all. 

Here you go building solid muscle mass!!!

Note: Contribute images of your own homemade Protein Shakes, they will be featured here.

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  1. what is the difference between greek yougurt and plain yougurt? the one we usually get fron doodh walas is which yougurt?