Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Ultimate Traditional Winter Meal

 In Pakistan we cannot call it winter unless our tables, restaurants, road side dhabas don’t have Sarsoon Ka Saag and Makai Ki Roti in their menus
The Ultimate Winter Treat from Necos

Pickled green chillies in mustard oil adds the zing to the meal
 I have never been so excited about Sarson Ka Saag  ever, until I happen to come across this beautiful tray of winter treat; Makai ki Roti (flat corn bread) and Sarsoon Ka Saag (Mustard Greens cooked with spices) at Necos-Natural Store and Café, this past month. It all started when a couple of my colleagues and friends from NYC, we ordered breakfast, including the Sarsoon Ka Saag and Makai Ki roti from the seasonal part of the menu at Necos. I only ordered it to have it on the table so I can give some history and discuss eating tradition of our country. But hola!! This turned out to be a winter long addiction with me, since it was totally delicious, outrageously prepared in the most healthiest of fashion any desi meal can be made. Yes, for a calorie and health freak like me, it is hard to devour desi food until it can be adjusted to minimize additional calories still holding its signature taste. And this awesome meal of saag and roti from necos does it for me.
The Sarson or Mustard Green

Sarson the mustard, and some spinach greens cooked in a traditional soft textured, tempered with chillies, garlic and onions curry dish. The saag is paired with roti/bread made with maize flour. The cusines is a traditional dish from rural areas of Indian Subcontinent specifically native to Punjab region. Mostly popular in winters since sarsoon or mustard is a winter vegetable and can be categorized as one of the comfort foods.

So for the following several weeks and still now, I find endless excuses to go back to Necos to eat it. I tried the Sarson Saag at other eateries too, but nothing stood out for me then this spread of very well prepared creamy spicy with desi ghee tarka saag served in a small wok, with grilled makai ki rooti (no fat), the most amazing green chillies and sarson oil achar/pickle. All this topped with a complimentary huge glass of lassi makes it a wow!! 
Life could not be better and a value for money at Rs.399/= for the entire meal.

The restaurant is kind enough to reduce the amount of ghee in my saag, and kept replenishing the totally addicted green chillies achar which adds flavour  and zing to this meal.  

Necos Natural Store and Cafe -Karachi

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