Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Chocoholic's Fix

Muri’s has introduced a new way to indulge in the perfect chocolate experience, chocolate fountains with a wide variety of sweet and savory dipping items. 

Whether one has a sweet tooth or not, every taste bud’s all-time favorite sweet treat is a handsome dose of creamy and rich chocolate. We all have relished this heavenly delight in big and small, nutty and crunchy bars of all famous brands but now Muri’s has introduced a new way to indulge in the perfect chocolate experience, chocolate fountains with a wide variety of sweet and savory dipping items.

Muri’s is a well-known family business from England, particularly based in London since 2005. They are now successfully operating in Karachi, under the supervision of Fahad Aqeel, a young graduate in Food and Beverage management also from London. 

The idea of chocolate fountains is certainly fresh and attractive for the party lovers of Karachi. But what different Muri’s wants to offer to their customers is supreme quality, hassle free service and an overall memorable experience. They use the finest Couverture Chocolate, imported from England as well. Couverture chocolate is a special kind of chocolate consisting of more than 50% cocoa made to flow from the stainless steel fountain structure. The fountain structure again is made from food grade stainless steel to preserve the freshness and taste of the chocolate.

Muri’s not only treats its customers with  quality but also a mind blowing variety of chocolate from bitter, sweet, semi-sweet to pure white chocolate. Their fine selection of over 50 dipping items is quite a surprise. It is divided into 3 categories, gold, silver and bronze collection. Gold, being the most expensive and bronze being the most reasonable. They include items like fresh fruits (e.g strawberries, mangoes, figs, cantaloupes etc), marshmallows, cheesecake bites, brownie, popcorn, wafers, crisp and many more. It is a long list of really innovative items!!

They are soon going to launch their boxed chocolate collection as well!! This a delicious selection of milk, dark and white chocolates.  

Reading so much about this tantalizing chocolate wonder a bell must have rung up there that can I afford this rich experience or have to satisfy my urges from the description only. So let me tell you that Muri’s is very much affordable, in fact extremely customer friendly to let you decide your costs starting from Rs 8,000 – 10,000 depending on which package you select out of gold, silver and bronze. Furthermore, they provide services from set-up to clean-up. 

Muri’s claims to be the ultimate chocolatiers dedicated to creating the warmest and most sensuous chocolate experience for you. So the next time there’s a special occasion on the door, don’t waste it and indulge with Muri’s in dipping whatever you like into their finest chocolate and bite into the world of ultimate happiness. Oh yes! Valentines’ just round the corner. Care for some chocolatey moments with your loved ones?

Blog Written by: Maham Kamal and Farah Kamal

For Muri’s extensive dipping menu: http://karachisnob.com/muris-menu.htm

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