Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spice up life with some Grilled Chilliz!!!!

Get ready for an adventurous journey to delicious and finger licking eating experience when you enter the Grilled Chilliz. A restaurant where one may not think about pocket before planning a lunch or dinner… yes it is very affordable!! Huge portions and totally tastefully created goodquality food.

Nestled in the Rahat Commerical-DHA, this fairly large sized brand new eatery serves a whole range of dishes mostly fusion of Italian, American and Pakistani cuisine. Right from appetizers to soups and meat dishes that contain fish, poultry and meat are all available in the menu grilled, sauted, baked or fried using delicious sauces and ingredients into heavenly tasting dishes. These are beautifully styled and presented turning each dish into a culinary artwork. I am a burger lover, so checked on their burger list, and wow it has a great selection to choose from. 

I specifically loved the American Chicken Burger, these are truly huge meals, big succulent pattie cooked to perfection topped with cheese, sauted mushrooms and onions, Jalapeno, garnished with fresh slices of crunchy onion, tomatoes and lettuce with sides of fries and coleslaw. Grilled Chilliz have chef’s special over weekends Friday through Sundays that include Jumbo Prawns, Tuna Steaks, Almond Stuffed Chicken with orange sauce, Lobster salad. Amazing that such prime world class great tasting entres at an unbeatable price served by very considerate and knowledgeable waitors. I was specifically excited to see ice-cream cake on the desert menu, which is again comprehensive complete with Chocolate Lava, Apple Pie and many others. Grilled chilliz has a full stocked bar that creates fabulous cocktails, fresh juices, smoothies, shakes. I was hooked to the mixed berry lemonade a refreshing purple coloured drink.

Grilled Chilliz with a capacity of seating eighty people is great for parties and large group events. The only downside I want to point out here is the interiors of this place, it is overly dark because of chestnut colored wall paper all around and low yellow lights and nothing unique about it. With great selection of music that I could hear while I was shooting, It might give a totally classy, and airy feel , if done in lighter tones with some artwork and décor in subtle natural tones. 

The owner of Grilled Chilliz place is a qualified, foreign trained very experienced professional who is also a chef. He creates his own recipe and has designed and manages the place himself. The whole idea behind this place is to offer quality to people, at an affordable cost. He personally selects locally grown and available, raw ingredients and fresh produce I found it quite a change from the current frenzy of using imported ingredients. The owner mentioned that if someone is educated and qualified for the business of cooking, he/she would know how best to use the available ingredient to create great tasting food. In three months short span of time the restaurant is regularly used by corporate lunches, students during the lunchtime. The dinner tables are mostly populated by families. Big thumbs up for Grilled Chilliz!!!

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  1. Nice review but I would prefer more detail about the food. Reviewing more than one item would be great as well.
    I went to Grilled Chilliz yesterday, had their Chilliz Jumbo Burger. It tasted great but I was disappointed that it was cold. the quantity was great and their lunch deal is amazing as well.
    I'm going there today again, will try their chicken moskova. I've heard its good. Lets see.

    And yes. the place is very affordable and the ambience was great

  2. Thanks for your feedback Ameen.

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