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Seafood Cuisine from around the world- Bringing the globe to your table

An introduction to the Kamameshi’s new Seafood Menu
Seafood Rissoto of Italy
Spicy Crab Stick Salad-Japan
  Your journey around the world can never cease to amaze you with this unique selection of seafood dishes from Kamameshi!!!
Most of us who appreciate good food, love eating out are definitely familiar with the Kamameshi, the specialist eatery in Japanese cuisine in Karachi. Keeping great standard and continually serving high quality food for the past six years, Kamameshi have recently surprised its patrons with a global gastronomic experience through its new seafood menu comprising dishes from around the world. 
Spicy Calamari Salad-Thailand
Thai Fish Cakes with Sweet and Saur Chilli- Thailand

Seafood Pancakes with Cheese Sauce-Italy
Yes, their Seafood Cuisine from around the world contains signature high end dishes from at least twenty different countries, bringing a world of taste, flavor, color and texture to our tables. With my own professional life as an education consultant working with 135 countries, advocating cultural exchanges as a means for better understanding and peace; this amazing concept of global cuisine truly melted my heart and mouth both. 
Kamameshi Seafood Platter

Asian Style Yellow Fish Curry-Malaysia
The recipes are all created and perfected by Aziz Noorani one of the owners of the restaurant with decades of extensive experience working in five star hotel chains in Karachi. The other culinary maestro is the Executive Chef, who is a highly qualified and experienced native Pilipino professional, with experience of working in several countries around the world. Together with their outstanding team of cooks, have created a very engaging menu full of delectable, mouthwatering sea food that are very attractively presented. 

Lobster Thermidor-France

Seafood Paela-Mexico
Persian Style Prawn Curry-Iran
Tempting selections of soups, appetizers, salads and main course entree representing different parts of the world. One can have delicious Asia Pacific starters and appetizers like Tom YomG ung from Thailand, and French Salad Nicoise, continuing with your journey to South Asia with mouth watering aromatic spicy curries from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Srilanka. You may decide to experience Europe with Seafood Ravioli and Risotto from Italy and Breaded Jumbo Prawns from Britain. Or bettert decide on a colorful spicy and fascinating Mexican trip with a piping hot wok of Seafood Paella. 

So with our camera equipments and loads of questions for Aziz, one lovely afternoon, we embarked a delicious world tour at the Kamameshi, clicking all the way.

 Lobster Ravioli-Italy
SpicyAlfredo with Seafood and Herbs-From Italy
To taste food from a cross section of this international menu, we tried a meal starting from an Asia pacific experience; containing vegetable crab soup from China. This was a piping hot luscious soup that has tender chunks of vegetable and crab meat and a salad; Spicy Crab stick Salad from Japan fresh crunchy  iceberg lettuce, cucumber and flying fish eggs drizzled with Japanese Mayo, total delight. The starter was a beautiful  plate full of Thai Fish Cakes, that tasted divine with the Kamameshi’s own sweet and sour chili dipping. 

Vegetable Crab Soup=China

The main course was a heavenly spread of  European cuisine; Seafood Risotto of Italy, the best in town, it was a creamy delight; rice cooked with colorful bouquet of vegetable and seafood. Spicy Alfredo appeared a special creation perfect for Pakistani palate, assorted seafood in penne pasta cooked in delicious spicy Alfredo sauce and herbs. The pièce de résistance on the table is the Lobster Thermidor a French speciality, very appealing lobster shell filled with cubed and baked lobster meat topped with  creamy and rich mushroom sauce. The lobster meat melted in our mouth, the baked smoky taste was truly enticing. 

Your journey around the world can never cease to amaze you with this amazing selection of seafood dishes from Kamameshi!!!

 Blog Writeup: Farah Kamal

Photography: Farah Kamal and Shahrukh Mughal

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  1. Nicely captured and well written!! so colorful and mouth watering!!

  2. Kamameshi is Wonderful Place to enjoy your meals, particularly if your interest is SeaFood or Authentic Japanese Food. Hats Off to the entire Kamameshi Team.