Saturday, 7 January 2012

Culinary Masterpieces

The story behind the tastefully created and styled dishes that turn up on tables at fine dining restaurants. A candid experience at Cafe Olivetto-Clifton, Karachi

A bunch of artist at work creating masterpieces, was the first thought that came in my mind as I entered the Olivetto Kitchen today with my camera. I went to this kitchen completely unplanned, un announced and amazed at what I saw here.

It is an awesome experience to do my food shoot at this very beautiful, well laid out and exceptionally organized kitchen of Olivetto Restaurant. What impressed me most was the super coordination among the staff working in there, beside being master in their skills, they were happy, smiling, and not stressed a bit yet working fast with precision. There so well dressed in their white uniforms and starched caps, looking totally handsome. The pantry and storage for dry, frozen, and fresh produce were completely away from the cooking part of the kitchen and neatly stacked on shelves, and refrigerators. The assistants were bringing them without any chaos or rush. There was zero sign of any left over food, unclean utensils or greasy surfaces or any kind of trash.

The hard work of this team is definitely reflected in the dishes being created and send out to the tables for customers.  The kitchen was cool and airy despite the several big ovens and cooking ranges at work. There were different counters for cooking, styling and final check before the food is out the doors to serve. This sound easier then done, since the food need to reach the customers piping hot or  at the correct temperature of whatever the dish promises to be, yet retaining, shape, colour and texture. This assembly line was happening extremely fast, most efficiently and everyone at work appeared extraordinary vigilent.

It was quiet fascinating to see some of the raw food being processed, one of the kitchen staff brought a big tray of neatly organized selection of jumbo prawns, crabs and lobster, ready to be cooked for an order for a big group. Skilled hands dressed, devined, shelled and cleaned them so fast ready to be sauted, baked, or grilled with herbs and seasonings into syumptous dishes.  After the lunch time was over, one of the chefs used the downtime to do handmade pasta, it was fascinating seeing him seasoning, rolling the dough and pressing it through the pasta machine.. All fresh and ready to be cooked into finger licking pasta dishes.

Had a great time capturing some very good images in this kitchen. The shoot was completely successful in this very well lighted place, the clean uncluttered surface of the kitchen counters, piping hot dishes being styled gave me valuable opportunity to click as they leave the door to be served. 

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