Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Cup My Way!! Tutti Frutti

Gear up to enjoy this new Fro Yo Frenzy called 
Tutti Frutti!!!!

With the goal to deliver the best customer experience and provide the highest quality products at an affordable price, this world class chain of frozen yogurt launched in Karachi this week. After being a straight success in Islamabad and other cities of Punjab, Tutti Frutti made its debut just in time to beat the heat of Karachi. The store will be operational from Wednesday 9th May 2012.

I fell in love at the first spoonful of the most delicious and healthy cup of plain tart flavour frozen yogurt. I can be called a Fro Yo junkie, I have to dash to the frozen yogurt shops first thing anywhere in the world, and it is for me a quick meal anytime of the day. The last I remember a hearty cup of Tutti Frutti was in their Los Angeles store,  thrilling to find it in my city here in Karachi. I was most excited when I got invited by The Food Connection Pakistan at a bloggers meet up and tasting session of Tutti Frutti Sunday this week. 
Our mission is to make high quality yogurt for people to enjoy all around the world!

"Tutti Frutti premium frozen yogurt products are made from only the finest dairy products!" said Salman, the young dynamic California based Pakistani American owner of the chain. He represents Well Spring Inc. a frozen yogurt retailer with a global presence. Salman shared that Tutti Frutti promises this healthy, and delicious food in a cup at a very affordable price. With less then 50  calories per one ounce in most of their flavours, they prepare everything in house, Tutti Frutti gives a refreshing, healthy food for people. There is no harm in considering it a desert but in fact it is a healthy, low calorie full meal, and can often replace breakfast, lunch or dinner with right kind of low calorie healthy toppings. 
Creating your own cup is total fun!!
With the four basic flavors available all the time, the Tutti Frutti stores will have selections from 40 different flavors on rotation weekly. Tutti Frutti, introduced the concept of self-service, this means as a customer one can fill one of the 4 different size of cups with choice of flavors and can mix and match these as well. You can then top the cup with the available selection of toppings that includes, candies, jams, fresh and preserved fruits, marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookies, wafers and many more. Your cup would be then measured and you pay Rs.28 per ounce. A medium sized cup with 4-5 different toppings will cost around Rs.250-300, which is comparatively cheaper then most frozen yogurt in the market. Salman mentioned that by the end of 2012, they target to open 40 more stores nationwide.
Mix and match your favourite flavors 

The store is located at the Zamzama Boulevard; it looks most inviting and calming at the first look. Designed in cool, soft hues with self service machines and a counter loaded with toppings makes it a great place to visit, hang around, create and enjoy your own cup of Fro Yo your way!!!

So this Wednesday gear up to enjoy this new Fro Yo Frenzy called Tutti Frutti 

Blog write up: Farah S. Kamal

Photography: Farah Kamal and Shahrukh Mughal

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  1. Personally! I don't know why, but I dint like Tutti Fruity (Thats why I visited only once).
    Different taste buds, I suppose.
    I wish they still have Cocco Locco in Karachi... didn't work out here! Have you been to that heaven?