Thursday, 24 May 2012

What is grilling new at Grilled Chilliz

 Grilled Chilliz launching some new dishes in the menu

Grilled Chilliz a pretty known name as one of the very affordable eateries of DHA, often time thronged by students, lunchtime office goers and families. I have already blogged  Grilled Chilliz  
in detail earlier this year.

This weekend they are launching a few new dishes in their menu and a range of exciting cooling mock tales presenting to patrons. I was invited to shoot some of these dishes and taste them. As I  arrived at a no rush time of the restaurant, noticed that the restaurant is going through maintenance work and some remodeling, hope it improves the ambiance.
Long Strawberry

Tahir Waheed the restaurant owner, a food lover and cook himself was talking passionately about every food and drink that appeared.  There was the new starter and a couple of chicken, fish and meat entrée that the team has created. Tahir said that his team have been working on several dishes and presenting as chef’s special for the past six weeks, some of them got special attention and appreciation of customers which will be now be added as regular in their new menu.

Italian Chicken
Blue Lagoon
Buffalo Bites
We bit on the  ‘Buffalo Bites’ which were balls of herbed chicken bits fried in a batter, was crispy, loved that texture and freshness.  But there is a very strong tangy taste of hot sauce, to me it appeared more like harsh vinegar. This flavor needs to change definitely!!
Black pepper Fish

  In the main courses, the Black Pepper Fish was the winner with me right away. This is a generous portion of panguses fillet that is pan seared, topped with a white creamy sauce that has coarsely chopped pepper and a few other herbs that gave it an overall subtle palatable flavor. This was served with a side of herbed rice and sautéed fresh vegetable, made it a complete meal that is flavorful and satisfying, I would sure go back for this one again.

Hawaiian Steaks
The next appeared Hawaiian Pineapple Steak, it is a big chunk of  sirloin steak, basted well since the flavor came pretty well, char grilled very skillfully to medium rare just the way I like. However, the meat was pounded for tenderization which is not what good steaks should go through, generally a marbled cut sirloin steak does not need pounding or tenderization. Overall, this steak grilled with the big slice of pineapple and the sauce made of melted cheddar cheese and sautéed mushroom did create a great tasting dish as these flavors blended pretty well. This steak can be ordered in beef and chicken both. I polished off my plate for sure!!!

Dare Devil

Grilled Chilliz is great for everyday dining and not expensive at all, the quality and quantity is good as well.

Beef Burger

Blog write up by: Farah Kamal
Photography: Farah Kamal and Shahrukh Mughal
 Grilled Chilliz

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